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Carpet Cleaning:

We undertake domestic and commercial work including end of tenancy carpet cleaning.
We will come to your premises to give you a free carpet and hardfloor specialist deep clean survey and provide a free quote tailored to your needs.

Hot Water Extraction:

This uses a combination of cleaning solution and hot water. The solution is sprayed on the carpet and agitated gently into the fibres to dissolve dirt and stains. We then pass over the carpet with our Hot Water Extraction tool which thoroughly rinses the carpet and extracts all dirt.
This procedure brings new life back to the oldest, dirtiest and dullest of carpets!

Step 1 : Perform a thorough dry vacuum of your carpets.
Step 2 : Pre-spray a light solution over the entire area, with special attention to the heavier soiled areas, which will be gently agitated.
Step 3 : Our Hot Water Extraction machine gets to work! Your carpet will only be slightly damp with 2-4 hours of expected drying time.
Step 4 : Enjoy your beautiful and fresh, professionally-cleaned carpet!

Note: All prices start at a minimum fee of £60
Call today for a free quote!

Eco friendly carpet cleaning:

All of our products are eco friendly and we ensure that we continually monitor the products we use.
Hard Floor specialist cleaning:
Wet room cleaning
Karndean flooring
Travertine tiles
Porcelain tiles
Plus all other natural stone tiles.

Please call today for a specialist free quote.

24hr emergency water extraction service and Carpet water damage salvage:

If your carpet is damaged by a water leak at your home, basement or commercial premises, destructive growth of mould must be stopped by extracting the water from the carpet or other flooring. If this is done swiftly it will save on replacing expensive carpet and flooring.

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